Why I am 99% Happy With My 80% Healthy Lifestyle

I am about 80-90% on anything regarding nutrition. I am about 90% gluten free. I am about 80% free of fried and garbage food. I am about 85% plant based. I am about 90% consistent with my exercise routine. The great part is I am about 99% content with my healthy lifestyle!

Simply put diets are awful. More and more diets are teaching people to be 100% or they are a failure. This is probably why less than 10% of diets actually sustain positive results. As a trauma therapist I would venture to say that diets can actually be rather traumatizing for people.

In the work that I do with The Weight Loss Revolution I teach people how to accept imperfect healthy habits. For example,  I highlight the fact that from time to time you might eat some fried food. Does this mean your healthy lifestyle is over? Noooo! It means you will likely feel crummy the next day and have more resolve to stay on track. Additionally, I teach people that when indulging in a rare unhealthy/garbage meal to enjoy every bite and focus on enjoying the process. If we focus on enjoying the process your parasympathetic nervous system (the part of your central nervous system that is responsible for initiating the digestive process) will be more activated and allow your body to adequately digest food. Whereas if we eat a horrible meal and guilt ourselves the whole time our parasympathetic nervous system will not be as engaged and digestion won’t happen, which will consequently lead to storing food as fat.

Am I telling people to go eat crap and be happy and you’ll be healthy? Nope! I am simply stating that one of the many reasons why diets are harming so many people is because we are only feel accomplished with perfection. We can learn to be accepting of imperfect strides!

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