Stop Using the Scale to Measure Health!


Throw Out the Scale!!!

Why does your weight matter? I wish there was a viable answer to this question. Body weight is a simple way to measure … WAIT- what does our bodyweight actually tell us? Um, it tells you your body weight! It doesn’t signify healthy living. Health is about waking up feeling like obstacles are able to be overcame and experiencing tranquility, energy, and vitality.
I have met many people who weigh much less than the person standing next to them and are extremely unhealthy. Sure, potentially there is a positive correlation between lighter weight and health but that is not as strong of a correlation as one might think. After all, thin doesn’t mean healthy. In fact, the American Medical Association states that 1 in 4 skinny people are pre-diabetic.
Am I saying skinny is bad? No. I’m sharing that weight can be misleading. Am I saying to never weigh yourself again? Not necessarily, but I would ask you to what end are you weighing yourself? When we get away from the scale and less obsessed with a number telling us how healthy we are then we are less absorbed with our body image and more focused on what we can make with our time in this life!
10 Ways to Measure Health!
  1. First and foremost- ENERGY! Notice if your energy levels are steady and continuous throughout the day without the need of stimulants.
  2. Pay attention to increased exercise/movement ability. After all, a healthy lifestyle is often about being able to move as desired!
  3. Increased confidence related to how you feel in your own body! YOU know how you feel and you cannot compare that to others.
  4. Clearer skin and brighter eyes. So many times when people are becoming more healthy I can see a “glow” about them. This glow is literal!
  5. Less bloating, gas, heartburn, and headaches!
  6. Less to NO medications! Yes, you can overcome the use of most medications through a healthy lifestyle. Now, let’s be realistic that some medications are not able to be stopped. Work with your health care professional before stopping any meds.
  7. Your mood is better. Just because you’re skinny doesn’t mean you’re happy; however, a healthy lifestyle can lead to more happiness and less irritability.
  8. Improved self-esteem/ confidence. Taking back control of your health is empowering!
  9. Focus and attention are wonderful positive consequences that will occur! Before you throw yourself on some speed, try a lifestyle transformation first. Notice how you are following through on plans/goals.
  10. Social interactions are more enjoyable. I am not saying that if you are skinny you have a better social life. I am saying that the better your body feels the easier it is to be present with others in social situations.

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