Revolutionary Weight Loss… and it’s Sustainable!

Missing the Mark weight lossDiets are failing people left and right. Less than 8% of diets actually work. Diets are so unnatural and are typically tied towards selling a product or some other unnatural method that cannot be sustained.

If it is true that more than 90% of people are ABLE TO LOSE WEIGHT then why the heck are only 8% of people able to lose it and keep it off? It’s because what individual diets teach are not sustainable!

I have seen over 68% success with over 300 people. It appears that those numbers are only increasing. What is different about what I do? Is it me? Um… it’s not me. However, it is what I have experienced as a human being and as a professional. Is it because I am a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist? Or, is it because I am a Doctor of Psychology? Um… nope! Here’s why what I do works..

  1. I have studied hundreds and hundreds of diets. I have taken what is sustainable and what works and combined it in a very SIMPLE manner.
  2. I don’t teach people that thy need to restrict. Yes, I obviously teach people the reality of what happens to your blood sugar levels when you eat the wrong stuff but I don’t focus on limiting calories.
  3. As aforementioned, I don’t focus on calories. I focus on what actually makes fat and what actually burns fat. The calorie in and calorie out method is not entirely true. Sure, laugh at that as I did at first and fall in line with the 8% success mentality of diets. 🙂
  4. I teach about sleep. Diets say that sleep is important but they don’t teach you how to actually improve your sleep. Sleep has become one of the nations top health epidemics. It’s not as simple as most recommendations are of “just get better sleep and eat right.” I teach physiological and psychological skills that work!!!
  5. Diets tell you to exercise but they don’t know how to motivate you. Or, they will motivate you to start but don’t know how to sustain this. I have been studying sustainable motivation since I wrote my dissertation on working to motivate patients with Type 2 Diabetes. Since then, I have worked with hundreds of people and watched it work!
  6. Diets tell you what to eat and when. I teach you through actual science how to understand your body and mind. Then I teach you how to pay attention to both and get in quality nutrition. I teach you how to regulate your blood sugar levels and not just reduce calories. After all, regulated blood sugar reduces stored fat in the body.
  7. So many diets talk about stress being what makes more than 80% of dieters fail and then they teach you nothing, zero, zip, nada, zilch about that stress and how to work through it. They just put the blame on you and say you didn’t try hard enough. Actually, losing weight and sustaining it doesn’t have to be hard. I’ve watched it with hundreds of people, including myself! I teach you how to reduce stress on a daily basis.
  8. Diets do not teach people how to work through trauma associated with food and weight loss. How can someone rationalize losing weight when they feel like their weight protects them from dangerous situations? This doesn’t sound like a rational thought but it happens to so many people. Food trauma and trauma related to weight loss is real. This has to be addressed or the weight will come right back… or maybe never even come off in the first place.
  9. A healthy balance between activation of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems is imperative! What the what does this mean? Well, your parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for allowing the digestive process to occur. If your sympathetic nervous system is overly activated you will not be able to digest food properly independent of the quality of the food. How can you balance the nervous system? I teach that and help people understand how to maintain this balance in very simple ways on a daily basis.
  10. Exercise, exercise, exercise- ugh! Yes, I enjoy exercise myself. However, most people think exercising is ridiculous and don’t have time. First, I teach people that movement is more important. Research indicates that exercising for 30-60 minutes per day does not offset sitting at a desk for 8-10 hours per day. Instead, I help people understand how they can incorporate movement in to their day without disrupting work or daily tasks. That is not to say we don’t exercise. We actually find what kind of additional exercise will work best and be sustainable!

There are many more things that I do while working with people on sustainable weight loss. These 10 points are just an example. I am humbled by this work and even more humbled by the many people who allow me to work with them! This work is natural.. it is not based on supplemental short-term patch work. Instead, we figure out what works and how to keep making it work!

All the best,

Dr. Drew Brazier

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