Why New Years Resoltions Flop and How to Make them Stick! 

You can make the new year a time for change, but first be easy on yourself. 

We get excited about the new year… a time for change and resolution. That’s great; however, don’t overwhelm yourself. Don’t fight the truth that it’s very difficult to make tons of changes at once and expect to sustain that. 

Having seen hundreds of people try New Years resolutions I’ve learned that taking small steps is most effective. Yes, that’s counter to typical New Years resolutions but the reality is New Years resolutions rarely work. They don’t work because we expect huge change and stop when we are a little off. Instead, I suggest the following …

Pick 2-3 things you will do. Once you mastered that go to the next goals. It is so simple. I watch people do this and succeed everyday. It will be sustainable and impactful. If there are several things you want to do then make note of the goals and implement them throughout the year. 

Look at every day as a new beginning. Don’t wait for the New Year. If yesterday sucked then make tomorrow your new resolution. Be easy on yourself! I challenge you to make 2016 truly different … Start with how you do your resolutions! 

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