Willpower Alone Fails You: GRIT Propels You

UnknownWillpower is not sustainable. I’ll welcome the argument. I base this belief off of evidence while watching people work so hard and depend on willpower alone… and not be able to sustain long-term. It does NOT work alone!

Willpower is defined in the dictionary as “the ability to control yourself : strong determination that allows you to do something difficult (such as to lose weight or quit smoking).” This talks nothing about setting up your environment for success and what will help you “control yourself.” I don’t think willpower is bad but relying on it alone will kick your butt long-term.

So… After years of working with people making sustainable lifestyle change, reading tons of good/horrible research I have noticed and carefully pieced this together..

I define grit as “the resolve to be patient with yourself as you consistently set plans to follow through on new daily behaviors leading to sustainable habits. ” Focus on those words… RESOLVE, PATIENT, CONSISTENT, FOLLOW THROUGH, DAILY BEHAVIORS, SUSTAINABLE. I have spent years compiling this definition as antidote to the false belief of willpower alone creating sustainability.
Again, this is not some opinion that I concluded while sitting back pondering things. Instead, I have seen this as key ingredients with those whom I’ve worked side-by-side, and it has been true in my own life/transformation.
I hope your new year’s desires and plans are going well!
– Dr. Brazier

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