Your Body is the Best Doctor in the Room…


“Your body is the best doctor in the room- listen to it!”- Mark Hyman, MD

As an expert on weight loss, overcoming diabetes, and transforming lifestyle my goal is to empower others and  lead them to become their own best healer! I usually get people in my office, or at my presentations, after they have been to over 8 different health professionals (i.e., dietitians, nutritionists, medical docs, other therapists) and I’m told, “no one has given me the right answer.” This is a tragedy because the reality is the best answers come from the owner of your body and mind- that is YOU!
Healers, doctors, and other professionals can give you very good ideas and advice; however, they can never fully comprehend the entirety of your internal workings. This means it is imperative that you can begin to see that if you want SUSTAINABLE change you will want to learn the simplicity of mastering your own body.
Here is where I want you to start…
  1. Observe yourself! When you go to a medical/nutritional professional you are going to spend all kinds of money for them to observe. You can start this process on your own. Sure, you don’t have all theformal speciality training that these professionals have but if you know here to start you can become your own best expert.
  2. Focus on the 3 core fundamentals. Sleep, Nutrition, Movement. I cannot adequately express the absolute importance of working to fine tune these fundamentals first and foremost. However, that does not mean taking sleep medication and diet pills.
      First steps in focusing on these fundamentals is to pay attention and learn. Pay attention to what is working and and what is not working. If you are struggling with sleep then study all of the behavioral changes you can make to better your sleep. They are plenty of recommendations on my blog ( If you are struggling with nutrition then focus on getting in as many whole foods and simple nutrition. Again, I have discussed many good things to consider on blog. If you are not exercising that is ok! Instead, start with walking/moving four about 10 minutes every couple hours throughout the day.
These 2 above mentioned recommendations seem so simple. Well, the truth is you need to start simple. If you try a lot of alternative (which medicine is alternative) methods to start then you are neglecting what is foundational and sustainable– that is the fundamentals of life!
You might not know where to look for answers all on your own, and that is ok! However, I want you to know that you can surround yourself with wise people, read a lot, and study, but that should never override learning from your own body/mind. In other words, learn a lot from others but first do all that you can do!
Don’t wait for other people to tell you the answers… go and find the answers!
Don’t say you are helpless until you have researched, implemented, and experimented with everything that could be helpful. 

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