Motivating Motivation: Why A Slower Start Renders Faster Sustainability

Motivating Motivation: Why A Slower Start Renders Faster Sustainability

Telling, recommending, prescribing, and suggesting is not hardly effective in motivating clients who appear to be unmotivated. The reality is everyone is motivated. Some people are motivated to eat greasy cheeseburgers every day and others are motivated to eat vegetables and fruit. Figuring out how to shift motivation and motivate motivation is imperative. This means a coach must take a collaborative approach with the client. Big goals are not effective. Instead, looking at small decimal change is important. Taking a client from a two to an eight on a ten point scale is not where focus ought to be. Setting plans to go from a 2 to a 2.1 over the next week is more effective.

The idea of small change can be hard for clients as their support systems might not understand why they are taking it slow. Some friends and family might criticize and say they aren’t dedicated enough or not making big enough steps to show they are serious. Sharing with support people the science of small change is important! Our brains, cells, biology, emotions, and physiology cannot sustain fast and big change. Very, very, very few people (less than 8%) can sustain fast and big physical change.

Small changes are guided by the coach but ultimately decided upon by the client. The client is not left to make all the decisions on their own. The coach educates and then asks the client what feels best and is taught to pay attention to what their own body and mind needs.

Dr. Brazier teaches that behavior precedes motivation. This means that if we can take some small steps we naturally become motivated to make bigger change. In many occasions Dr Brazier has found it important to even scale back clients. It is more effective for a client to ask to speed things up versus being told to speed up the process by a health professional. Afterall, slower is faster sustainability!

Numerous diets, plans, products, and companies all tell us thousands of things of what we should do and avoid. The reality is that I have seen hundreds of people make big changes and it all started with picking one small thing to work on. For example, I worked with one individual who chose to focus on having a creative and nutritious breakfast that didn’t include sugar. This left the possibilities wide open. Eventually, this person lost 120lbs and created many new sustainable habits.

You can learn more about other principles that I have found to work with hundreds of people at I have documented what actually works vs all of the ideas out there. Also, we will soon be launching the Empowered Living Community in the upcoming weeks. The community will be your all inclusive place to learn, support, improve, and have access to all the tools you need to reach your health goals!

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