Taking Lifestyle Transformation and Weight Loss to the Web! Why?: Introducing Empowered Living Community!

Introducing….The Empowered Living Community!

Taking Lifestyle Transformation and Weight Loss to the Web! Why?

I believe healing and change happens in many different settings. Fortunately, I get to be with people 1-on-1 each day and that is a great place for change to start. People walk out of the office feeling deep desire to change and have begun to overcome deep impediments and road blocks. However, I see these problems often arise:
  1.  You have questions between sessions or simple questions that you don’t think need a whole appointment to get answered.
  2.  You need more understanding and positive support in your environment
  3.  You  want more access to information, such as recipes, movement/workout ideas, research, examples of what worked for others, videos and podcasts that motivate.
  4. You want to be able to share with others about your journey and have people who are on a similar path share with you.
  5. You want daily accountability through checking in and measuring progress.
  6. You want more information on what’s really going on during this process from a physical, psychological, physiological, and biological perspective (well maybe you don’t realize you want this understanding but it is very helpful when you get it in simple terms! ) 🙂
  7. You want to know what you actually can be doing, eating, and focusing on throughout the week.
There are many more problems that I see come up every week. You need the best support possible to make real lifestyle change! So, for months and months we have been researching what will be of most help to you. We have looked at what is out there in the online health communities. We looked at what these communities are missing and looked if we can fill in the gaps and truly offer the best option. Guess what? We can! We have developed a team with many, many years of experience! A team of experts who have also gone through their own lifestyle transformations… we get it!!
So lets look at this..
What’s different about us?
  • We do not just focus on weight loss. Though we are experts in motivating and teaching people to lose weight we focus on EMPOWERING people to truly transform their lives. SUSTAINABLE weight loss happens to be part of the process!
  • Many online communities are very good and have helped people in many ways. We take it a step further to not just help with physical change but also we are incredible at MOTIVATING you and teaching you to SUSTAIN that motivation!
  • We focus on areas that people might not realize affect sustainable lifestyle change. For example, diets, programs, and online communities do not adequately focus on teaching you how to get better sleep. Yet, if you don’t obtain proper sleep you cannot sustain lifestyle changes and weight loss.
  • We have created a top of the line COMMUNITY FEEL that is also very PERSONALIZED! When members become part of the Empowered Living Community they have support from others in the community while they start getting a personalized plan!
  • We have POSITIVE challenges that will INSPIRE and ENCOURAGE you! Members also can create their own journeys and invite others in the community to come along for the ride and give DAILY SUPPORT to one another!
  • Many diets and programs fail you because they don’t know how to handle the mental performance side of lifestyle transformation. We are experts in mental performance and OVERCOMING MENTAL BARRIERS and stress that is leading to road blocks!
  • We provide access to many simple to strenuous workout plans that MEET YOU WHERE YOU ARE! We don’t initially focus on exercise, instead, we focus on movement and we start you with movement that you can do in your own home, yard, or anywhere you wish! There is no embarrassment in our approach!
  • We focus on overcoming and preventing Type 2 Diabetes, Chronic Pain, and other physical conditions that might be holding you back! Even if you are just looking to stay motivated and increase your physical and mental energy we are the community for you!
  • We don’t focus on calories. We focus on actual food. We focus on what will increase your energy.
Membership also included access to our library (podcasts, papers, research articles, videos) that we have spent years collecting and producing. As well, we will be doing 2 live question and answer sessions a month where you have access to certified and qualified professionals.
As we finalize the last logistical components on the website, feel free to add your email:

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