Why Being Skinny Should NOT Be Your Goal…

beck-to-useDoes this sound like a healthy goal to you… “Train you brain to think like a thin person?” Years ago I found myself really ticked when I read the subtitle of the book to the left that indicates we must think like a thin person. Should we want to think like thin people? Should we want to think like obese people? Should we want to think like anyone based on they’re physical state? No, no, and no!

So, why does this really bother me? Because the diet industry (remember has less than 10% success) has you mis-focused from what is actual good physical health and now an “expert” is also mis-focused on what is good psychological health when it comes to weight loss and lifestyle change. I see many decent psychology books out there that try to help people think and behave differently and promise you that you’ll lose weight. However, the diet industry’s success rates have only become worse. What are we missing??? 

First, let’s understand that “thin” is not always synonymous with healthy, and do all “thin” people think exactly the same? Nope! I want to make it clear that I am not shaming people who are thin. Many, many, many people who are thin are healthy and work hard to be in great health! I am simply stating the truth that almost 30% of Americans who are skinny are actually “Skinny-Fat.” This means that just because you might be thin doesn’t mean you are healthy. I like to define this Skinny-Fat idea as thin but not fit. When I say the word “fit” I am not just referring to physically, I am also referring to mentally and emotionally fit.

I get it that many people have multiple reasons for wanting to lose weight. However, if we are caught up in weight loss as the only, or main goal then we are likely going to suffer and not sustain. You cannot just try to be thin. Instead, I invite you to rid yourself of that mentality and focus on being physically, mentally, and emotionally fit! It’s not just about tricking your brain and body to think and behave differently so you can get skinny, rather it is about true and sustainable lifestyle transformation.

How do you do this?

  1. Redefine your goals. You have likely only used one method of measuring your success- the scale. Now, I want you to think of other goals or desires you might have. For example: feel better in your clothes; have more energy throughout the day; develop a good relationships with nutritious food, be more active with kids, family, or friends; perform better at work, in social settings, or at home; live with less pain and more ease; increase ability to think more clearly; hike a new trail; develop a new talent that requires physical or mental fitness; run/walk, bike, or swim a race; complete daily tasks more easily; improve blood pressure; reduce blood sugar levels; freedom from several medications; improve cholesterol levels; live with minimal stress; conquer anxiety; live without depression; get rid of sugar cravings…. and many, many, many more reasons!
  2. For the past several years, I have been working with individuals and large groups of people to improve health. I have learned through this and my own process of what actually works to help you sustain a healthy lifestyle! This led me to create a powerful online community that helps you learn, connect, and become truly fit! The Empowered Living Community will be launching in the next few weeks!!!! Not only are you receiving knowledge from psychological and nutritional experts… I have teamed up with one of the best personal trainers I’ve encountered. Mike “The Trainer” Taylor is my partner in this online community. He will help anyone at any level start and continue movement!

The Empowered Living Community includes plans, podcasts, videos, Q&A, articles, forums, and access to myself and Mike “The Trainer” ! We have specific Modules that will help you get started in the community:

A. Conquer Night Eating

B. Create a Positive Relationship With Food

C. Curb Sugar Cravings

D. Goal Setting That Works

E. Habits That Stick

F. Movement With Mike (Many Sub-Modules Included).

G. Mindfulness- Tips, Guided Sessions, and Cutting Edge Information of How to Use Mindfulness for Various Goals

H. Overcome Anxiety, Trauma, and Depression

I. Relieve Guilt and Stagnation

J. Create Restorative Sleep

K. The Truth About Nutrition- Debunking and Simplifying What is Actual Healthy Eating

L. Getting Rid of Type II Diabetes

There is so much to this community and it can help anyone at any level who is seeking to improve overall health. If you just focus on becoming thin chances are you will fail. We have put thousands of hours in experience, organizing, and being innovative to help you become empowered and sustain good health!

Your mind. Your body. Your life. Empower Up!

-Dr. Drew






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