5 Minutes That Can Help Overcome Night Eating, Sugar Cravings, and Stress

transitionsHave you done awesome with your nutrition during the day and then nighttime comes and you cannot resist food? For some this might be large dinner portions and snacks. For others it might be sugar cravings.

Independent of what is causing you to consume more at night I have found a very useful skill that has helped hundreds of people! This is just one of the many things we do to help people with Night Eating and/or Sugar Cravings. This is a good place to start ….


The best way to break away from the hold food has on you is through prevention! This means you cannot wait until the moment a craving comes. It also means you need to set up your evenings for success. Let me help you do just that…

All throughout the day you have transitions. It is imperative that you spend just a tiny bit of time in those transitions to refocus and calm your nervous system. The more balanced your nervous system the easier it is is to make healthy decisions.

Examples of transitions are : driving to work; arriving at work; dropping kids off; starting/finishing a meeting; lunch; finishing phone conferences; going home; arriving at home… and many more.

I invite you to take 45 seconds at the beginning or end of two of your transitions during the day. You simply close your eyes and notice your successes (small or big ) that day. If you have a very hard day notice how you are dealing well and what your success plan for the day is. Then shift attention to what will be your nutrition and movement for the rest of day. Even if it’s going to be a high stress day, you want to literally imagine in your mind yourself going through the day getting in good hydration, good nutrition, and movement. End it with a moment of reflecting on the mantra of …”This is my body. My mind. My life. My day.”

The next transition to focus on is nighttime. If you work outside the home this is super easy and there’s no excuse. 🙂 All that I am asking you to do is take 5 minutes before you go in your home. I find it easiest to park 1/2 mile from my house when doing this. I park for 5 minutes and spending 1 minutes on just breathing. I then spend 1-2 minutes giving gratitude for the day and all the great things that happened. I recognize the not so fun stuff and give thanks for what I learned. Then I take 2-3 minutes, with my eyes remaining closed, and focus on the night. I recall the plans for the evening and then I notice what stressors might come up and watch myself overcoming the stressors in positive ways. I watch myself successfully making it through the night without eating late and without eating sugar/stuff that will make me feel crummy.

Guidelines for Nighttime Transition

  1. Make 5 minutes to take to yourself on way home or between 5-6:30pm.
  2. Park your car in a place where you can have privacy. Or, go to a place in your house that you won’t be bothered.
  3. Close your eyes.
  4.  For 1 minute just breathe. Focus on good and long exhales.
  5. For 1-2 minutes express gratitude for the day and all the greatness that happened. Also “be real” with yourself and notice the not so good stuff that happened and allow that stuff to stay out of your home.
  6. For 2-3 minutes focus on the plans for the night. Notice what might create stress and watch yourself overcoming the stress without food as your coping. What else will you do? The best plan is the plan made beforehand. This gives your mind confidence as challenges come up during the night. Watch yourself getting through the night and to bed without eating late and without eating crummy food.

If you are a individual/parent that doesn’t work out of the home you have to give yourself 5 minutes. Now, as a parent I get that it’s not just so easy to say take some quiet time. So, if you have to go to the bathroom and take your time then do it! There are many, many things you can do to make the time. Please remember that you have to MAKE the time. By taking just 5 minutes you can develop a habit that will play a major role in transforming your life. And, lets be honest- sometimes it might be hard to think through all I asked you to in those 5 minutes. You might even just take 5 minutes to yourself while simply breathing and releasing stress before you move into the evening hours.

Your Mind. Your Body. Your Life. Empower Up!

-Dr Drew

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