Can’t Get Exercise In Your Busy Schedule… Let Me Help You Burn Fat Now!




Hi! Mike The Trainer here. I’m excited to be part of the Empowered Living Movement. I want to get you started on your journey today..

We (America as a whole) have tried so hard to become more time efficient with our lives that we have almost completely eliminated movement from our day-to-day routines.  I am reminded of this daily as I notice people circling the parking lot at the gym looking for the closet spot to the front door.  How ironic is that?  Or, as I see people stand on walking sidewalks or escalators rather than walking and moving their own body.  We have become so tied up with life that we forget to live each day.  When I say “live” I mean MOVE!!  I have a belief that if we’re not moving we’re slowly dying.  In fact, I grew up around many farms in Eastern Idaho and I know farmers that talk about a “downed” animal is a dead animal.  If we don’t get up and move as much as we can each day we are losing potential quality and quantity of life!  Sitting for 8 hours a day, like a desk job, has now been added to the list of cardiovascular risk factors! 

There are many, many benefits to walking daily. I want to be assured you understand that just because you aren’t sweating like a pig doesn’t mean you aren’t doing incredible things for yourself! Here are some vital benefits: 

  1. It’s obvious that you will BURN CALORIES. You can burn an extra 200 calories by walking (3mph) 60 minutes per day. 
  2. Want to prevent Dementia?  Simply walking for 30 minutes per day you can literally help reduce the risk of developing Dementia! 
  3. You can reduce the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes by a whopping 60%!!
  4. When it comes to energy our bodies use the supply and demand principle. The more we use it the more we make it! That is to say that if we use energy we get more energy! You will help oxygen flow better through your body and your overall circulation increases! Who doesn’t want more energy???
  5. Walking on a daily basis is equal to an antidepressant. In fact, Dr Drew would argue its more effective than antidepressants! I am not suggesting to stop taking any medication without speaking with your medical provider; however, I am saying daily walking is known to increase the secretion of hormones and endorphins needed to boost happiness. 
  6. Do you want to improve your sleep? You guessed it- daily walking for 60 minutes per day can be a major factor in relieving insomnia! 
  7. Overall quality of life increases. I could go on and on but the fact is that your life will be better… in so many ways! 

So, how do we move more?  How do we make the time in our day?  It’s all about incorporating movement into everything that you’re already doing.  Dr. James Lavine coined the “NEAT” principle.  NEAT stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis.  Simply put, we can burn calories during the day just by moving more.  You don’t have to take an hour out of your day and go to the gym to “workout”. In the next few posts I am going to give specific tips that will help you incorporate more movement in to your busy life!

– Mike The Trainer

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