Movement Tip #1: 5 Benefits of Parking Far Away

parking lot .PNGMike The Trainer here…

You would not believe the benefits of parking your car far away. I am totally serious and by the end of this post I will have you convinced that parking far away can significantly impact your health and happiness!

1.Going to the back of the parking lot truly can strengthen your brain! 

Dr Drew teaches that our hippocampus is positively impacted by aerobic movement. In fact, our colleague Gage 2010 indicates that walking 120 minutes per week can increase the size of the hippocampus by 2% post one year! Wow! Why do you care about your hippocampus? Well, this is the part of your brain that has to do with memory. First signs of dementia is shrinkage of the hippocampus. You can start creating a healthier hippocampus by parking further away.

2. Energy Increase For Up to 2 Hours!

A ten minute walk can increase  your energy more then eating a candy bar, say Dr. Robert Thayer. This professor of Psychology’s research suggests that those who walk for 10 minutes have an increase of energy for up to 2 hours. Whereas those who ate the candy bar  had an immediate boost but the energy dropped off within an hour.

3. Increase Circulation! 

By parking further away and walking you will increase circulation throughout your whole body and brain. This will of course burn calories but also increases blood circulation to your extremities!

4. You’ll Actually Save Time

Now, I don’t exactly have any scientific data here but I will say when you are trying to find a parking spot at the front you usually circle around a few times before parking. You’re wasting time. If you just park in the back your time is not wasted because it’s spent on improving your health!

5. More Time In The Sun is Always Fun! 

Even if it’s cold and cloudy out there you can still benefit from the fresh air. When it’s sunny that is a nice recipe for increased happiness. Movement+Sun= Happiness!

The list can go on… I’ll leave it up to you to discover what other benefit you get from parking far away!

Empower Up!

-Mike The Trainermike-pic

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