One Step Can Change Your Life! – Movement Tip#2

IMG_0937.PNGMike The Trainer here… It’s the small things in life that often times we overlook that will change our lives. I want to share tip#2 with you today and say that if you overlook the power of this movement tip you might miss out on a huge part of your transformation!

Tip #2: Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator!

  1. This is free! The only thing that this cost is your willingness and energy. But it gives you back more willingness and energy.
  2. The vertical aspect of going up stairs works your body more and the benefits can be comparative to jogging.
  3. You are engaging a lot of muscles throughout the body to get up the stairs. This will help build muscle in your body.
  4. You will feel happier! If you start your day going up those stairs you will notice that you feel more empowered to begin your days work. You will also have more endorphins released, which contribute to more positive and clear thinking.
  5. You will improve self-confidence. Getting up those stairs each day is just one more piece to the puzzle that creates better confidence and higher self-esteem.


Empower Up!

-Mike The Trainer


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