Smoke Break? No thanks… Here’s a Better Break! Tip#3

walk .pngMike The Trainer here with Tip#3- Create Walk Breaks! You notice I used the word “create”?? You see, you have to create the time in order to make it happen. If you wait around until you find time or someone gives you extra time then you will not make it happen!

So… let’s get to the nitty gritty here. You can easily increase your movement by adding in 3  10-15 minute walk breaks each day. The benefit of these breaks is huge! Did you know that you will be able to work less hours if you implement this tip? Seriously! Your brain is able to focus much more attentively and productivity increases as you take time to walk for the sake of walking. When I say to make this time happen I am not including the time of going from one meeting to the next or one event to another. I want you to show how important you are to yourself and MAKE it happen!

An easy way to do this is simply put it in your calendar. Yes, I want to see it in your calendar. Anything that is important seems to make it in your calendar and you are important! Dr Drew teaches that when you schedule your time you feel more in control which leads to feeling empowered. So put it in the calendar now! Create 3 spaces each day where you will commit to go walking. If its bad weather then go hit the stairs!

You might think that just because you aren’t sweating like crazy that you aren’t getting any benefits. That is false! Mentally and physically you are doing yourself a great favor. Physically you are increasing energy, burning calories, reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, and many other diseases which increases heart health and creates a more authentic smile! Mentally you’re calming your nerves and focusing your mind.

So let’s make this happen! Get out your calendar now and CREATE the breaks that can change your life!

Empower Up!

-Mike The Trainer

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