Eat Real Food

Whether it be medicine, diets, programs, or supplements many people are being ripped off from achieving their potential. I am not saying that medicine and supplements need to be abolished and forever forgotten. Rather, I simply point out that they are overused and treated as the core components to creating good health. The real truth is that you are being underestimated. Yes, I believe you are being told you don’t have what it takes to make YOU the core of your good health.

I want to focus on one very specific area that the “health” industry is undermining you. This is with supplements. First, look at the meaning of supplement… in short it means,  “add to.” If you are taught that you have to have this supplement or that supplement to be successful in your health goals then you are being taught to use a supplement as the core. This is incorrect. A supplement is only something you are adding to your core efforts.  Unless you have a deficiency stated by your medical doctor, you don’t need to be on supplements.

What needs be your core efforts… what are you adding to?  The general answer is 3 fold: 1. Nutrition 2. Sleep 3. Movement. There is no way around it that if you want a healthy lifestyle you have to focus on these three areas. There is no sustainable program, diet, or supplement that will actually eliminate the need for  movement/exercise in your life and render overall good health. Bottom line is that you have to stop waiting for the next best surgery, pill, or product to change your life. The truth is that the brain behind the eyes reading this right now is the best thing that can change your life and lead to sustainable health. Yes, that’s correct- YOU are the core! You are the answer!

Don’t let this overwhelm you. I have been working over the years to help make the process easier of empowering you to be the core of your good health. For the purpose of this post let’s look at one aspect that can change you life. Eating real food vs depending on supplements. 

  1. Real food keeps a healthy relationship between the gut and the brain. You see, if you overly depend on supplements your gut does not know when it’s being fed nutrients and cannot relay to the brain how to most effectively use the nutrients.
  2. Real food provides the most potent nutrients.
  3. Supplements can be expensive and buying them for the next 50+ years is just not reasonable.
  4. Nutrients in pill form just cannot work the same way in the body that they do when coming from food form.
  5. You get phytochemical in to your body through eating real food. Phytochemicals are not essential to sustaining life but they can help prevent disease in the human body.
  6. You cannot trust supplement labels. I do not like to work off of fear but frankly you should be very VERY skeptical of labels on nutrition bottles. Large companies who produce many of our supplements have been proven to place labels on bottles that don’t include all that is really in that supplement.

Keep in mind that I do believe if you have a deficiency with any specific vitamin or nutrient that you can bridge the gap with a short term supplement. I simply want you to try preventing as much as you can with good nutrition. You don’t have to be perfect… just be 80% on target and you will see and feel results!

Dr Drew

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