What has me so upset?


***Don’t let anyone tell you that you CANNOT reverse health conditions!***

Today is a slightly different for me! I am little bit fired up about a topic that I am very passionate about! I am not someone who gets mad very frequent or easily, but this article (that I have the link to right here→https://mobile.nytimes.com/…/diabetes-tied-to-brain-abnorma…) has gotten me mad and pretty bothered!

When I was in grade school, I had a teacher tell my parents that I was “retarded” and that I would never graduate from high school! What?! Well, I ended up getting my doctorate degree! Soooo..… I don’t like it when someone tells me that I can’t do something! And I really don’t like it when someone tells somebody else I can’t do something! Totally not cool!! And this is what has me fired up today!

In this article there are two things that I want to point out… While one is kind of minor and the other, well, oh man, just ticks me off!

Number one …in this research they took 50 people who were obese and 50 people who were not obese, both groups being in the early stages of Type 2 Diabetes, and they studied them. Basically they said with obesity and Type 2 Diabetes, it affects your brain in a negative way. Duh! What a waste of research money! However that is not what has made me bothered here! But what really gets me upset, the second part, is down at the bottom of the summary of the research. The co-author says that Type 2 Diabetes cannot be reversed. What he’s talking about specifically, is that what is done to the cortex of the brain, can’t be reversed.

No, I can’t necessarily argue that some of the brain damage that happens because of Type 2 Diabetes is going on. I am sure some of it’s going to be there, however what we do know is that our brains are so powerful because of neurogenesis! In other words, the brain has the ability to create new nerve cells, new neurons in your body, new neural pathways, neurogenesis and neural plasticity. The brain also has the ability to heal itself as well!

This article is totally discounting all of that and that is what makes me so mad! People are going to read the research and say to themselves “well I can’t reverse this, I may be able to get my diabetes better but I can’t reverse it.” The fact we call it a disease really makes you feel like you can’t do this BUT I want to give you HOPE!

I just got done coaching a lady in her mid-50s – what a difficult time in life to make healthy changes as a female with so many hormonal changes going on and also dealing with Type 2 Diabetes for a few years. She struggled with concentration and focus at work. Things were difficult for her at work and in her personal life. It was becoming a real problem. I did some coaching with her specifically on my reversing Type 2 Diabetes program (which by the way, is online!J) We were able to reverse her Type 2 Diabetes. She was able to focus again, her blood sugar levels were fantastic! She doesn’t even experience symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes anymore. SHE REVERSED IT!! I see people all the time doing this very same thing and then alongside their medical doctors, to be able to get rid of medications at the right time. And she was able to do just that! She was SUCCESSFUL!


So, if you have Type 2 Diabetes or know someone that does, don’t let them or yourself believe that you or they cannot reverse it! BECAUSE YOU CAN!!!

Yes, there might be some stuff in the brain that’s going to have some long-term lasting affects but for the most part our brain is so powerful and you are so powerful! Don’t let some of these people sitting in a research lab make you think you can’t do this! That’s what it ticks me off the most! Anyone that tells people they can’t do something ought to be ripped out of the lab!

As you can see I am very passionate about this! So go out there, make a change, reverse your diabetes and live in an empowered life! I have seen people make the biggest changes and transformations in their lives. Don’t listen to the naysayers like these researchers, prove them wrong! We can help you do that!


***Don’t let anyone tell you that you CANNOT reverse health conditions!***

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