Oh Sugar, Where are you?: A New Look at “Normal Food” that Can Change Your Life

 **The purpose of this post is to help you see where Sugar is creeping into your life. It is not meant to scare you. Rather, I want you to view some foods from a new perspective… hopefully leading you to eat more REAL food** Enjoy!

So I heard once that someone was recommended to not eat carrots because of sugar content. What do you say about that? Do you think this is true? Now this was an educated individual that I was coaching who was told this by a medical professional who is, I would say, a pretty good medical professional but told not to eat carrots due to the amount of sugar in the carrots.


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What I say to that is it’s absolutely false. Super false. The reality is allfruits and vegetables are good for you. It doesn’t matter the sugar content that is in the fruits (and we’ll get into that later). With all the fiber that’s in fruits and vegetables and the fact that they are natural means they are absolutely good for you. I want to debunk that from the get-go that if anyone ever tells you don’t eat this fruit or don’t eat that vegetable, that that is absolute nonsense. There’s no good research that will say you should stay away from any fruits and vegetables.

If you only get one thing from this book, I hope it’s that you understand that the more fruits you do eat and the more vegetables you do eat, the easier it will be to overcome sugar cravings. Despite FDA guidelines that are coming out in 2018 you most definitely should eat fruits. The guidelines say that a lot of different fruits are going to be considered as added sugar, so you’re going to have to be even more careful as you’re reading the nutritional labels to not be fooled by these crap guidelines but we will get further into that as we go along. Just wanted to make sure we are on the same page as you go through this entire book that anytime I talk about sugar as far as sugar not being good for you, I am not referring to fruits and vegetables.

Let’s play a little game here. I Love to play games and we are going to call this game, “Oh Sugar, where are you?” What we’re doing in this game is we’re talking about all the hidden places where sugar is located. What we’re going to do to put everything into perspective here is to compare six different foods or products to Oreo cookies. Now, as I’m comparing these to Oreo cookies the whole idea is not for you to say, “Oh, well geez, if that’s compared to six Oreo cookies, I’m just going to eat the Oreo cookies.”

No, let’s back up there for a second because I’m just comparing sugar content. The reality is Oreo cookies are completely empty cookies meaning all you do is get the sugar and there’s nothing else. In some of these other products there might be some okay nutrients in them as well as high sugar content, so I’m not saying go for the Oreo cookie. In all reality, go for neither of the options. I want you to realize that a lot of times when you’re sitting down to maybe eat lunch or a snack or dinner, that the sugar you are consuming its equal to five, six, seven, eight or more Oreo cookies. So it just puts it into perspective and then also as you look at nutrition labels and look at the sugar content, you’ll be able to have a better idea of what that really means.


Your average cup of yogurt has six Oreo cookies as far as the amount of sugar that is in it, that’s 20 grams of sugar. Some brands actually have upwards of 30 grams of sugar in their fruit yogurts so you want to be super careful about which brands you buy. In fact, if you’re going to eat any yogurt try to make it plain yogurt. Try to think six Oreo cookies as far as the amount of sugar that is in your fruit yogurts.

Pasta Sauce:

Now I’m of Italian background. I love my pasta sauce! I have vivid memories of my mom simmering the sauce for hours and hours. Unfortunately if you get the canned pasta sauce, it’s about 24 grams of sugar per serving. Do you know how many Oreos that is as far as one cup of pasta sauce? Man, guys, there’s quite a bit there.We’re getting in not two, not four, not six, but seven Oreos as far as the sugar content that is in your pasta sauce. Something to think about there the next time you grab the quick can. There’s a lot of good ways that you can make your own pasta sauce and it can be super healthy without all the high sugar content.

Barbecue Sauce:

Third one is barbecue sauce. We all love a good barbecue, right? Well, for two tablespoons of barbecue sauce that’s about four Oreos worth of sugar that you’re getting in. Just with two tablespoons of barbecue sauce!

Clif Bar:

One Clif bar is 22 grams of sugar. That’s quite a bit. That is six Oreo cookies of sugar content that you’re getting in.

Campbell soup:

Campbell’s soup. Now I always loved eating tomato soup really before I found out exactly what’s in it. Would you believe that there are seven Oreos worth of sugar equivalent to that can of tomato soup? You can make your own homemade version of the soup and to be honest, it tastes better.


Now the sixth one I’m going to talk about is Coca-Cola. Now we know it’s not good for us to drink soda. You know there is sugar in soda but oh my goodness when you see the numbers and you realize how much sugar is actually in there, it’s a little shocking. One can of Coca-Cola has 39 grams of sugar. That’s just one can right there. Do you know how many Oreos that is? That’s not two, not four, not six, not eight, not ten, but twelve Oreo cookies. That’s a dozen Oreo cookies in one Coca-Cola. It’s really important for us to have these visuals when we talk about sugar.


Alright, give this some thought. I mostly would like you to pay more attention to what you are actually consuming and put in perspective. The best answer to all of this is lay off the processed crap and eat REAL food 🙂

-Dr. Drew

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