Midweek Mindset: How to Shift Your Thinking and Adapt to Reach Your Goal

Sometimes as we’re going through our week we need to re-shift our mind and get our mind set right. So I’m going to share with you six incredibly impactful principles to make sure you have the right mindset to look at your week, own your day and make sure you continue strong through the west of your week.

This can also be applied to anytime that you are working on health/personal development goals and are in the thick of it.

#1 Are you owning your day?

Are you owning your day today? Are you owning your day each day? I want you to ask yourself that question. Are you making excuses? Are you letting someone else dictate everything? Yes, I get it…you have jobs, you have bosses, you have partners, you have spouses, you have children- whatever it may be. But it’s your day. Are you owning it?

Are you going at the day and saying this is my day. Not being selfish but saying I’m going to get out of this day what I put into it. Don’t make excuses. Own your day.

Maybe it’s been a rough day, a rough morning, or a rough week- but I’m going to own the rest of my day. I’m going to get out of it what I’m putting into it. Be honest with yourself. The best thing we can do to help ourselves progress in life is to look at our life like data. Be a scientist and an observer of our own life then input the variables that we need to change up to make our lives successful.

Tip: When you notice your days are more difficult and a lot going on, split your day into thirds. The morning third, the afternoon third, and the evening third. Assess for 5 minutes at the end of each third and determine how well you are doing with goals and what you need to adjust for the rest of your day. This makes it easier when you are trying to adjust and adapt during your week

#2 Are you following impulses or are you following your plans and being intentional?

 Are you just letting things happen to you or are your being intentional and on point. Do you say to yourself for example, ” I don’t really want to drink this water” and your just focused on current comfort.  Or, are you looking at your overall plans? And are you being intentional?

Pull out that notebook that you’re doing your weekly planning sessions in and really look at what are my goals. Remind yourself of that and be intentional about your day. Don’t let it happen to you. Those impulses that come up, just observe those impulses and even laugh at them.

But if you do fall into an impulse, that’s okay. We’re shooting to be 80%. And if we’re 80%, we’re going to do darn good in this life!  If things don’t go perfect, that’s totally understandable. Look at what you need to shift for the day and don’t follow your impulses. Be intentional about your goals and your plans!

#3 Are you transitioning and downshifting?

When you go from one meeting to the next, or dropping the kids off here and picking them up there… are you taking just five minutes in between those to just focus on your breath? 

Just get your feet on the ground. Be present. Get your heart rate down. Let your parasympathetic nervous system kick in a little bit more. That helps your emotions and shuts off the amygdala. This helps your blood flow come to your prefrontal cortex so you can think more clearly and be more intentional about what you’re doing. It also downshifts our heart rate. Which when we downshift our heart rate, we are better able to regulate our emotions to go through our day thinking more clearly.

This is a very important skill to develop. Not only do you experience the above mentioned benefits… you also are increasing your health. If you are wanting to lose weight then your thermic efficiency will also increase, which means you will more quickly reach your weight goals- and sustain them!

#4 Small moments, are you enjoying those?

I want you to intentionally find three small moments even if they’re only 60 seconds of just being present.  I look out of this home studio I have here… out the window just watching the trees. Right now I’m having a small moment. I’m literally just watching those trees just blow in the wind. Big old beautiful Aspen trees.. just blowing in a nice fall Idaho day.

My heart rate goes down. I feel more present, clear, and calm. It helps me feel a little bit more in control of my day by engaging in those small moments. You have to let those small moments happen and you have to appreciate them, give gratitude for them, even if they’re only 60 seconds. You have to make those happen! It actually does help your overall metabolism,  as it kicks in your parasympathetic nervous system more, which helps the thermic efficiency burn things and use what you’re putting in much more efficiently.

#5 Elevate and influence

Are you elevating people that are around you? Are you influencing others that are around you? In other words, when you’re going into situations are you just dragging along? Do you say to yourself,” I’m here, got to go to this meeting…. blah, blah, blah.”Or, are you saying, “you know what, I got to go to this meeting. I’m going to get out two important things out of this meeting. ” Even though meeting’s suck- I passionately dislike meetings. They’re the worst thing in the world sometimes unless they’re effective or there’s something that comes out of it… then fantastic.

But what energy are you bringing to others? Are you elevating others? Are you bringing your A game to help others feel good about themselves? Are you uplifting others or are you dragging? Are you getting into road rage? Are you getting into acting like a little kids about things? These are questions I ask myself by the way.

Tip: I’m must being real  with you…Are you elevating and truly influencing others by just being you? Just be real! I’m not asking you to be a super hero. I’m the most non-super hero person but I do go into a situation and ask myself if I’m elevating, even if I’m upset with this person. 

Alright, yesterday I had a meeting at my kid’s school about some ideas to help him learn Spanish. I wasn’t super happy with some of the comments. But I still feel like it’s important in that situation to help the other people to be clear about how I feel but also elevate and influence in that moment, even if I’m a little bit upset its’ important to shift that energy. This makes it so we all walk out of there wanting to be better people and to work hard in our lives. It’s a decision for you to make just like it is for me.

#6 Are you adapting?

So you’ve set plans for the week and things have maybe gone sideways. There’s been other things out of your control. Are you adapting? Write down your plans to adapt today.

Take 10 minutes to look at your plans you made for the week. Recognize the curve balls for what they are and make new plans that adapt. Don’t feel sorry for yourself because the week has shifted, instead make the necessary changes. Write down your new plan and put it in your calendar.

These are six important points to think about as you go through your week. They’re super helpful if you implement them… really, give them a try- I dare you 🙂   Remember the answer’s right inside of you.

– Dr. Drew

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