Restorative Sleep!

Sleeplessness was declared a health epidemic by the CDC in 2013, and sleep has only become a bigger problem since. The CDC claims that sleeplessness issues are strongly
correlated with diabetes, obesity, heart disease , depression, and early death! OUCH!!! We have clear evidence that if you aren’t getting adequate sleep you cannot lose weight and experience long-term good health, see my article here:The Science is Clear… Partial Sleep Loss Plays Role in Weight Issues.
Commercials, products, diets, programs, health care professionals, and society have more than sufficiently complicated the sleep epidemic. In fact, I argue that all these “sleep pills” have absolutely exacerbated the sleeplessness epidemic. I am sorry that you have been misled and advised that you cannot take back your sleep. Does it take work? YES! It does take work. That said, I have seen people with sleep issues lasting 10,30, and even 40 years and we were able to overcome the sleep problems.
I like to look at EVERY aspect that is disrupting your sleep. There are many variable that could potentially be interfering. When we discover what is impeding your sleep I am able to coach you on what steps to then take. Creating restful sleep is an individual process and very different for everyone. We CAN empower you to take back your sleep!
Below are some tips I have shared. Feel free to try them. Remember, every tip does not work for everyone. Sometimes we have to look at what is holding you back. I also want to urge you to visit with you health care provider and to assure there are no medical issues impeding your sleep.
I can help coach you by figuring out what is preventing you from desirable sleep, and then offer very specific recommendations. Sleep should, and can, be viewed as a restorative process… an enjoyable experience.
You might struggle with falling asleep while laying awake for more than an hour in your bed- tossing and turning. Or, you might be waking up a few hours after falling asleep. Some people even wake up every hour. No matter what your restless sleep patterns currently might be I can help coach you to better sleep!
If you’d like to do an individual coaching session for sleep please contact me: We can discuss pricing options to fit your budget while investing in your future!

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