Sports Mental Performance

brazier-4.jpg Dr Drew Brazier

Going Beyond Your Average Sports Psychology Coaching!

You spend thousands of hours on becoming your best but is there still something blocking you, something still holding you back? As a former collegiate athlete I understand the importance of mental focus when competing at high levels. Now, as a professional who has worked with  collegiate and professional athletes it is more and more clear that the most elite athletes have the mental side fully under control

What’s unique about my background and expertise is that I also see how nutrition might be playing a part in struggles for athletes. The truth is that the best athletes, the ones that continue performing at their highest are balanced in and out of competition. 

It is vital that athletes do NOT wait until the stress or blocks have become too much. If you notice that you or your athlete is experiencing any of the following you could benefit from my coaching:

  • inability to perform routine skills
  • struggles to progress
  • performs adequately in practice but struggles in competition
  • becomes more and more upset over mistakes
  • makes more mental errors
  • seems to be losing motivation
  • experiences anxiety or excessive worry about performance
  • talks about fear or failure
  • becomes distant from coach or other mentors
  • shys away from clutch moments
  • appears tense and has difficulty relaxing in performance
  • feels like they have a knot in their stomach
  • confidence seems to easily crumble
  • gets down on themselves
  • there are many, many more reasons leading to struggles… it’s not an impossible thing to overcome,  simply reach out!

I treat athletes who compete in the following:

  • basketball
  • football
  • baseball
  • tennis
  • hockey
  • running
  • endurance running
  • triathletes
  • golf
  • dance
  • and other sports upon inquiry.

When working with athletes its important to understand that this is not therapy. I consider our work together as coaching…. we are focused on solutions! 

There are many times where its harder to engage the athlete so I work with coaches and parents. I am passionate about working with coaches and parents as this helps influence more and more athletes! So, if you are a coach, parent, or mentor and want to enhance your skill set to build stronger athletes then we can make that happen!

Whether you are in high school or already competing at the professional level, we can compose a personalized plan that will work for you.

You can contact me directly at 208-243-0142 or email: . I like to do a free 20 minute consultation to assure that I am the best fit for your needs!